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The invention of the bikini

After the Second World War came one of the most important novelties in the history of bathing suit, the invention of the bikini. Work of the French engineer Louis Réard, the presentation of the garment took place in April of 1946 and received that name because days before the United States had detonated the atoll of Bikini in the Pacific with an atomic boma. Réard decided to name the garment because the presentation was going to be a bigger scandal than the bomb itself, and so much so, because no professional model wanted to pose with the garment and had to make it a stripper at the Paris Casino.

The scandalous swimsuit did not get popular in the market until the 60's and the success it achieved is due in part to fashion and film icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Fonda or Ursula Andrews, considered as one Of the most important sex symbol of the time to star in “James Bond against Doctor No” and perform a suggestive bikini scene in the film.
The bikini would quickly become widespread in France as a symbol of women's liberation, but in other countries such as USA, Italy or Spain, this garment would take years to accept, due to religious fundamentalism or strong Catholic tradition.

The bikini in its seventy years of life has been progressively evolving until reaching its minimal expression, the microkini, which appeared in the 90s and is not allowed in some places.

Parallel to the evolution of the feminine swimsuit during the last 70 years we must inevitably talk about Rudi Gernreich. Gernreich was an Austrian gay designer and activist born in 1922, who during the 1960s designed the monobikini and topless swimsuit and during the 70's the trikini. Celebrities like Úrsula Andrews or Brigitte Bardot did not hesitate to wear the trikini, something that made this garment even more popular.

The last invention of the Austrian, months before dying, was the pubikini, a normal bikini that in the garment of the braguita only had a mesh that showed the pubic hair. Gernreich also made important contributions to women's underwear.

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Another key element in the history of swimwear is the appearance of the thong in 1974. The thong is a design by the Italian Carlo Ficcardi and was developed in Brazil, although it was Rudi Gernreich that made it fashionable in other countries.

Although the garment is due to these two designers, and in ancient civilizations, the warriors wore clothes similar to the thongs as a loincloth. With the bikini case the same, in Ancient Rome and Classical Greece, women used a kind of bikini called mastodeton. In the Roman villa of Casale, in Sicily, mosaics are preserved in which women appear in a bikini.

Going back to the thong. This garment, which in South America is known as colaless, is believed to be named after Tanganyika Lake, in East Africa where women wore a similar garment.
The thong is one of the most sensual garments in women as well as men, because they can also wear it. Although we speak of bathing clothes, inside the jargon, it is known as a whale tail to the waistband of a thong when it looms over a low-cut shorts, shorts or a skirt, creating a shape that recalls To the tail of a whale.

Between the thong and the bikini panties there is an intermediate option known as a Brazilian thong, although in other places it is called semi-thread. The Brazilian thong can become much more suggestive than the thong. If you want to buy your cheeky bikini online, follow the link where you will find the best models for this summer, get your new cheeky bikini to be the most sexy on the beach!

With thongs, as with bikinis, the number of variants and styles that exist are numerous. In fact, every year, clothing brands launch new collections of swimsuits where they present their novelties.

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